Aron & Chikako

3-4 April 2015


The celebration of our life together in the company of family and friends is the greatest gift of all, and your presence is duly appreciated.

Monetary gifts are not requested.



Clifton Karhu • クリフトン・カーフ

Last year, we made a road trip through central Japan with Aron's siblings that included a stay at Kanazawa. There, we visited the Clifton Karhu collection. This American-born artist lived and worked in Kanazawa for most of his life, making primarily woodblock prints. You can find some of his prints below.

We both really like the style and colours of Karhu's works. If guests insist on offering a gift, we would ask that they bring to the party a contribution to the purchase of one of Karhu's prints to remember our great day. We intend to take the newly opened Hokuriku shinkansen for a next visit to Kanazawa, to choose a work from the collection.




Yasaka no tou “Yasaka no tou” Katsura Rikyu “Katsura Rikyu” Master dyer “Master dyer” Kiridoshi evening “Kiridoshi evening”